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Upcoming performances

28 March, 2020  Columbus Symphony Orchestra
24 March, 2020  LaGrange Symphony Orchestra
17 March, 2020  Columbus Symphony Orchestra
27-28 February, 2020  LaGrange Symphony Orchestra
14 February, 2020  Columbus Symphony Orchestra
9 February, 2020  Columbus State University
                                    Chamber performance
                                    (Damase Trio for Flute, Oboe, and Piano)
11 January, 2020  Columbus Symphony Orchestra
23 November, 2019  Columbus Symphony Orchestra
29 October, 2019  LaGrange Symphony Orchestra
26 October, 2019  Columbus Symphony Orchestra
1 October, 2019  LaGrange College
                                  Duo Flautas Frescas Recital
24 September, 2019  LaGrange Symphony Orchestra
12 September, 2019  Columbus State University
                                           Chamber performance
                                           (Ligeti Six Bagatelles for wind quintet)
6 September, 2019  Columbus State University
                                         Solo Recital
5-19 July, 2019  Orfeo International Music Festival
11 May, 2019  Columbus Symphony Orchestra
6 May, 2019  LaGrange College
                           Concerto Soloist
23 April, 2019  LaGrange Symphony Orchestra
12-14 April, 2018  San Diego Flute Guild Flute Spring Flute Festival
                                     Warm Up Artist, Adjudicator
1 April, 2019  University of Wyoming
                           Masterclass and performance
22-23 March, 2018  Mid-South Flute Convention
                                         Lecture Recital, Adjudicator
22 March, 2019  Alabama School for the Performing Arts
                                 Masterclass and performance
19 March, 2019  LaGrange Symphony Orchestra
16 March, 2019  Atlanta Flute Club Flute Fair
                                 Junior Artist Competition Coordinator
12 February, 2019  Huntingdon College
                                      Faculty Showcase Recital
14 February, 2019  Columbus Symphony Orchestra
21/22 February, 2019  LaGrange Symphony Orchestra
26 January, 2019  Columbus Symphony Orchestra
12 January, 2019  Columbus Symphony Orchestra
11 December, 2018  LaGrange Symphony Orchestra
11 November, 2018  Columbus Symphony Orchestra
30 October, 2018  LaGrange Symphony Orchestra
25 September, 2018  LaGrange Symphony Orchestra
11 September, 2018  LaGrange College
                                          Faculty Solo Recital
9 August, 2018  National Flute Association Convention, Orlando, FL
                               Duo Flautas Frescas Performance, Adjudicator
24 April, 2018  LaGrange Symphony Orchestra
21 April, 2018  Columbus Symphony Orchestra
18 April, 2018  University of Alabama
                              Masterclass and performance 
April, 2018  Auburn University
                           Duo Flautas Frescas Recital
24 February - 16 March, 2018  Hong Kong Schools International Competition
17 February, 2018  Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention
                                     Duo Flautas Frescas Recital
20 January, 2018  Columbus Symphony Orchestra
January, 2018  Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities
                                 Lecture Recital, Martin Kennedy- Four Songs
27 November, 2017  Auburn University
                                         Faculty Solo Recital
28 October, 2017  Albany Symphony Orchestra
21 October, 2017  Columbus Symphony Orchestra
26 September, 2017  LaGrange Symphony Orchestra
7 September, 2017  Columbus State University
                                       (Copland Appalachian Spring Chamber Version)
July, 2017  Orfeo International Music Festival
March, 2017  University of Colorado at Boulder
                          Solo performance, Once a Flutist Festival
March, 2017  University of Nebraska Omaha
                          Masterclass and chamber performance 
March, 2017  Albany (GA) Symphony Orchestra
November, 2016  Columbus State University
                                  Solo Recital and Masterclass
November, 2016  Auburn University, Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art Concert Series
                                  Solo Recital
August, 2016  National Flute Association Convention, San Diego, CA
                           Solo and Chamber performances
                           Winner, Convention Performers Competition
11-18 July, 2016  Orfeo International Music Festival
April, 2016  Midland-Odessa Symphony Orchestra
August, 2015  Sunway University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
                           Solo and chamber performances, Masterclass
                           Perak Society for the Performing Arts International Ensemble
August, 2015  Dewan Budaya University Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia
                           Solo and chamber performances
                           Perak Society for the Performing Arts International Ensemble
August, 2015  Tenby International School, Ipoh, Malaysia
                           Solo and chamber performances
                           Perak Society for the Performing Arts International Ensemble
May, 2015  Auburn University, Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art Concert Series
                     Flute Trio Recital
March, 2015  Houston Flute Festival
                         Solo Performance, Byron Hester Competition Finalist
March, 2015  Auburn University, Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art Concert Series
                         Solo Recital
2014-2015  Springer Opera House
2011-2012  South Florida Symphony Orchestra
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